A reputation defined by quality
Cartor is a leading security printer committed to protecting the revenues, brands, and reputations of its customers around the world.


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Trusted worldwide
Cartor is at the forefront of combatting stamp counterfeiting through a combination of security features. Click the icon to find out more.
Governments worldwide are losing vast sums of tax revenue to the illicit trade of excisable goods. Click the icon to find out how Cartor’s security solutions can help eradicate / minimise losses.
Counterfeiting is big business. Cartor can provide numerous security features in documents of varying sizes to ensure the integrity and security of information. Click the icon to find out more.

Cartor offers a range of security labels and authentication solutions that fulfil different purposes, including anti-tamper, track and trace, authentication, and unique identification. Click the icon to find out more.

Cartor has over 15 years’ experience in hand assembly, picking and packing, and order fulfilment, including the ability to hand-finish bespoke requirements when required. Click the icon to find out more.


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