Tax and Revenue Stamps


Governments around the world are losing vast sums of tax revenue to the illicit trade of excisable goods. Authentication, track and trace, and data analytics are crucial elements in securing supply chains and minimising losses.

Cartor’s broad capabilities enable the inclusion of numerous security features, which can be expertly combined to achieve the optimum level of security whilst respecting aesthetics.

In collaboration with strategic partners, our top of the range numbering and encryption software enables us to deliver advanced track and trace and analytics solutions, which can be displayed on user-friendly dashboards. Many of these security features are also compatible with easy-to-use mobile authentication solutions, which increases uptake and confidence in tax stamp programmes.

On a practical level, these solutions enable authorities to detect the location of illicit trade, identify trends, and ultimately clamp down on smuggling and maximise revenue. So, whether you want to enhance an existing tax stamp programme or develop a new one, Cartor can advise and deliver the right solution ranging from the supply of new tax stamps through to in-country fulfilment.


  • Combat smuggling
  • Revenue maximisation
  • Data and analytics
  • Easy to use authentication
  • Aesthetics and quality

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