Our Certifications

International Standard for Graphic Technology – Management of Security Printing Processes.
ISO 14298:2021

Certification to ISO 14298 demonstrates that both Cartor Group sites operate a security management system of processes and arrangements that conform with the international standard and the accompanying industry-specified security arrangements.  Maintenance of a certified security management system helps Cartor to achieve high standards of site and process security, and protect confidentiality of information.  It also enhances the business resilience of Cartor against security risks and threats.

International Standard for Quality Management Systems.
ISO 9001:2015

Certification to ISO 9001 demonstrates that both the Cartor Group sites operate a quality management system of processes and procedures designed to improve customer satisfaction levels by consistently providing products and services that meet customer and statutory requirements. 

International Standard for Environmental Management Systems. ISO 14001:2015

Certification to ISO 14001 demonstrates that both Cartor Group sites operate an environmental management system of processes and procedures designed to achieve improvements to environmental performance, use resources in an efficient manner and reduce waste.  The system also includes a framework to help Cartor achieve compliance with environmental legislation. 


Both Cartor Group sites hold Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) chain of custody certification and, as such, are able on request to offer a range of FSC® certified products. This provides an assurance that paper-based elements of such products can be traced back to responsibly managed certified forests. 

Holding this certification helps Cartor to contribute to the resulting environmental, sustainability, social and economic benefits promoted by FSC®. 

(Note: the FSC® trademark label shown is for our UK site).