Security Documents


Cartor has invested heavily to develop unique design and production methods enabling the efficient application of numerous security features in documents of varying sizes.

Our in-house team has extensive experience in supporting customers on their journey from initial concepts through to finished products, ensuring the balance between security, cost and design is just right for each of them.

With more than 30 security features on offer, we are confident you will find the right solution, whether you are looking for education certificates, government certificates, examination papers or other documents at risk of counterfeiting.

However, counterfeiting is not the only threat associated with secure documents. Ensuring the integrity and security of information, for example, of examination papers or personal data, is vitally important and is the reason that Cartor has invested in achieving the ISO 14298:2021 security certification as well as cyber security training courses for employees.


  • Expert design and production capability
  • Secure production facility
  • Variety of security features

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